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Room 32 – Loving the Pastor Beyond the Pulpit
Chris Minor, Oakfield Baptist Church
NFL coaches and pastors have a lot in common.The average NFL coach lasts four seasons before lack of support causes him to be out of a job and, along with his wife and kids, abandoned by a community. Far too often, pastors and their families are abandoned by a church when they don’t like his performance. Or, the pastor is burned out from lack of support. Healthy churches come from healthy pastors, and healthy pastors come from being loved beyond the pulpit. How do you truly love your pastor?  How do you love them if God calls for a transition?

Room 50 – Crucial Dialogue
Andrew Bauer, Magnify Church
How we handle crucial dialogue moments when there are opposing opinions about high stakes issues is vital to church and relational health. At this workshop we will learn how to navigate our hearts, how to share our perspectives in a way that builds safety, how to listen to another person so that vulnerability is possible and how to move forward with greater trust and a clearer purpose.

Room 31/33 – Prayerful Dependence on God in Ministry
David Rodgers, Trinity Baptist Church
Prayer is necessary for gospel ministry because Gospel ministry is dependent on God, prayer shows our dependence on God. We can develop the best vision statement, plan to work with parents, choose the best curriculum, and develop an awesome plan. BUT we need to remember that ultimately salvation belongs to and comes from our God. Prayer shows this commitment. This workshop will include teaching on tools for and time to prayer for you, your church, and other churches.


Room 34 – Developing a Young Adults Ministry in Your Local Church
Ben Phebus, Magnify Church
Do you have young adults looking for a way to connect and build relationships with peers and mentors? Are you wondering how your church can be more intentional in fulfilling Paul’s instructions to train up young men and women (Titus 2:3-8)? This workshop aims to encourage you with practical insights into caring for and discipling young adults in your church.

Room 38 – Seven Principles of a Life-Changing Small Group Ministry
Terry Porter, Health From the Inside Out
The small group ministry of a local church is a great place to connect to other members, invite visitors, and meet spiritual and relational needs within the group, but what happens when the group is toxic or disorganized? If left unchecked, the negative influence will permeate through other groups and the church. Join Terry Porter as he walks you through Seven Principles of a Life-Changing Small Group.

Room 52 – Spiritual Disciplines: Growing Christlike Together
Daniel & Amanda Bowman, Berlin Baptist
Using Richard Foster’s book, Celebration of Discipline and the Bible, we’ll focus on spiritual disciplines that modern-day Christians rarely employ. Some would greatly help them in their walk with Jesus, their daily lives, their relationships, and their ministries.


Room 30 – Detox from Toxic People: 7 Beginning Steps to Freedom
Darlene Larson, Hearts with a Purpose
Are you confused how to handle a relationship? Does that individual cause chaos? Do you care so much that your heart hurts? Is it always your fault? Toxic people are masters at creating chaos, drama, pain, and causing you to second guess. It’s at your expense and they push it on you as your issue. Abuse leaves you believing you may be the crazy one, when in reality, it is he, she, or them that are the real crazy makers. Shrink the alienation, anxiety, and anger that brew from toxic relationships. Join me and learn to let go of the lies from the poison of toxicity.


Room 54 – Leading on Purpose Because Your Ministry Matters
John Nixon, North Park Baptist Church
Too often our serving consists of a “I will give it my best” mentality with results that are more accidental than intentional. No matter how you became the “lead person” of your ministry or how big or small it is, you should be intentional about it because it really matters. In this workshop, we will share practical ways to approach your ministry with purpose so you are able to put energy behind it that gives direction to you and others who are a part of it. 

Room 56 – Thinking Partners: Building Ministry Resilience Through Coaching and Spiritual Direction.
Tim Young, PIR Ministries
When we are faced with ministry challenges, or simply want to continue to grow in our own discipleship and leadership, “thinking partners” can be an effective resource. This workshop will explore the elements of a relationship with a coach or spiritual director, how it can benefit your ministry, and why every pastor should have a thinking partner. We will include stories of transformation and growth from actual coaching/spiritual direction relationships.


Room 58 – Raising up Missionaries
John Jackson, Compass 28:19
Churches are biblical “greenhouses” for mentoring, equipping, coaching and sending missionaries today.  You can lead a movement in your local church in identifying individuals whom God may be leading to short-term or long-term mission ministries. This sought-out workshop will help you discover a workable plan that will assist your church in growing your own missionaries from “seeds to sending!”


Room 64 – Service Flow
Justin Edmonds, EM Technologies
Service flow is one of the most neglected things of our service: how we should prepare for it, how to go through a soundtrack, how to make sure everyone’s on the same page, what are the key details that need to be known, and at what time to make sure everyone is on the same page and a service can be executed stress-free.


Room 66 – Curating Your Music Library
Nathan Vaughn, Highland Hills Baptist Church
This workshop will cover how to evaluate music that your congregation sings, how to introduce new music, and rotating your library so that the music is memorable and fresh.


Room 122 – Teaching/Modeling Bible Skills to Children
Danielle Vaughn, Highland Hills Baptist Church
How to use your weekly classroom time to encourage kids to put their faith in action in your church and at home. Will provide tips to get kids excited about serving and how to engage families along with them.

Room 124 – “Tell Me the Stories of Jesus”
Danielle Olander, West Cannon Baptist Church
Being an effective teacher requires being a ready learner. Come and learn new techniques and tips for lesson preparation and teaching children.

Room 126 – The Beauty of Inclusion
Hannah Vandervelde, Crossroads Bible Church
My heart is to see teachers equipped to bring kids of all abilities into a Sunday morning context. Years before my current role, I was entrusted with leading a special needs ministry, and my involvement in this area remains a primary part of my job. In this workshop, we will talk through an overview of trauma-informed care, how to dialogue with parents in this area, resource suggestions, and some tips and tricks I’ve learned along the way.


Room 128 – Four Pillars for Youth Ministry
Wes Crawford, West Cannon Baptist Church
This workshop will discuss four critical pillars to a gospel and Bible-centered youth ministry. These pillars will help you build a vision for your youth ministry that is focused on the Word of God, coming alongside of families, and discipleship. This workshop will also give tips about building a team of volunteer youth leaders.

Room 129 – International Mission Trips are Hard, Expensive, Challenging (and Totally Worth It)
Craig Perry, Forest Hills Baptist Church
We will discuss the benefits of short-term student mission trips, some of the mistakes made when conducting these trips, the philosophy behind them, and how even smaller churches can make it happen.