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Room 30 – Is God Mad at Small Churches?
Alan Wilson, Regular Baptist Press
This workshop will focus on evaluating ministry in a small church context.

Room 56 – The Gathering Storm
Bob Gillespie, Reasons for Hope
This workshop addresses the Secular Humanist’s persistent attacks on Christianity, the family, and the freedoms we hold dear. It deals with Critical Race Theory, the LGBTQ agenda, and other current issues. This talk will contrast the dedication of the underground church in China to American Christianity. The problem may not be the Secular Humanists; it may be the church in America itself. You will leave encouraged by Psalm 37 and learn ways we can push back against the storm.

Room 66 – Gone but not Forgotten: Keeping Alive the Memories of Departed Loved Ones
Ray Paget, Emmanuel Free Church, Spring Lake
Keeping alive the memories of deceased loved ones is an important and God-honoring practice that contributes to and strengthens your family’s legacy for future generations.


Room 32 – Fighting Fair: Creating a Covenant for Conflict
Sean Nemecek, Regional Director for PIR Ministries
Helping church leaders establish ground rules for disagreements that will move conflict toward being productive instead of destructive.

Room 52 – Family Rules
Tom Lothamer, Pro-life Ministry Consultant, Beautiful Feet International
All members of the family have certain roles they play that, when performed well, lead to harmony and unity in the family. Ministry teams are like family and as we look closer at successful family life we notice there are certain rules, written and unwritten, that guide pastors, board members, staff and volunteers in their personal interaction with each other.


Room 34 – GROW in Power, Love, and a Sound Mind, not Fear
Darlene Larson, Hearts With a Purpose
Everywhere we look uncertainty howls and hounds us to shake and quake in fear. The Lord is Truth and His Word is Truth. Learn ten tactics of truth to stand firm on the Word of God and to grow a sound mind of power, and love.


Room 54 – Using Your Bible to Help Real People with Real Problems
Ethan Cole, Calvary Baptist Church, Greenville
Have you ever had a family member, friend, coworker, or neighbor come to you for help amid hard times? What would it look like to help such loved ones with wisdom and compassion? In this session, we will explore the Bible’s sufficiency for addressing real life issues and how we can grow as competent spiritual companions.

Room 64 – Equipping Your Churches to Minister to Marriages
Don Smith, Bridge To Life Ministries
If your church does not offer a marriage ministry model supported by the church leadership, couples will turn elsewhere for their marital needs. Would you ask your church for help if your marriage was in trouble? We will help you envision how your church can be equipped to minister to marriages. You will learn how your church can be a safe place to help marriages in your community.


Room 38 – Social Justice Apologetics
Joel Shaffer, Urban Transformation Ministries
Whether we like it or not, social justice is the apologetic issue of the next generation. More than previous generations, younger Millennials and Generation Z prioritize and care about social justice. Learn how churches can do Biblical social justice as a pathway to gospel proclamation and gospel demonstration without compromise or drift from their mission to make disciples.


Room 58 – Raising Up Missionaries
John Jackson, Executive Director, Compass 28:19
It is the local church’s responsibility to teach, equip, train, and send dedicated individuals to areas of the world desperate for the gospel and church planting. Our ‘layman friendly’ workshop presents simple solutions for performing all four of the above biblical mandates.


Room 122 – Capturing the Hearts of Preteens
Carolyn Norkus, Chapel Pointe
Why have a Preteen Ministry? There are vast differences between a 1st grader and a 5th grader. Why not create a ministry that meets preteens where they are and use those differences to disciple them? In this session we will talk about the why as well as the how. So whether you have never thought about having a Preteen Ministry or want help with the one you already have, I invite you to join this class.

 Room 124 – How to Recruit Volunteers So They Will Stay
Danielle Vaughn, Highland Hills Baptist Church
Come to receive tips on how to retain those vital volunteers including scheduling and responsibility / role options.

Room 126 – Teachers that Touch Lives: A Look at the Teacher
Anna Sytsma, Child Evangelism Fellowship
Think of your favorite teacher you had as a child. Most likely much of what you remember is the person and their influence on your life. In this session we will take a look at you as the teacher. We will discuss what teaching is, how important the teacher is and what God says about teaching. As a result of this session my prayer is that you will be most memorable to the kids you teach.


Room 128 – Student Leadership
Nicholas Melonas, Highland Hills Baptist Church
Student ministry cannot and should not be done alone. Raising a leadership team is essential for effective ministry. What are biblical qualities for leadership? What does it look like to train a youth leadership team? How can adult leaders invest in student leadership?

Room 129 – Teaching Teenagers for Life-Change
John Nixon, North Park Baptist Church
Whether you are crafting a five-minute devotional, 20-minute Sunday school lesson/Small Group discussion or a 30-minute sermon, this workshop is for you. Drawing from the experience and wisdom of 30+ years of teaching teenagers, we will share practical ways to engage students with the love of Christ and the power of his Word. We hope to positively impact the way you view, treat, and communicate to teenagers.