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Room 32 – Resilience in Ministry: Protecting Yourself Against Burnout
Sean Nemecek, Regional Director for PIR Ministries
Spiritual and practical disciplines that guard against overwork, over-responsibility, and people-pleasing.

Room 38 – Foundations to Talking Politics with Church Friends
Jason Hsieh, Trinity Baptist Church
Have you ever noticed how seemingly civil people who believe the same gospel and normally have good unity somehow become fire-breathing dragons when talking about politics? Whether it’s about presidential elections, COVID-19, or race-relations in our country, there is a good chance politics have come up quite a bit in your church recently. It’s not that it’s wrong to be passionate about politics, but we can hold so tightly to our views that we damage our testimonies and harm our relationships in the church. This workshop aims to show how we can hold more loosely to our man-made political ideologies and hold more tightly to our God-given call to reflect Christ’s character and spread His gospel.

Room 52 – Enlisting Volunteers
Marrena Ralph, Regular Baptist Press
This workshop will focus on enlisting, not guilting people to serve in your ministry.

Room 54 – Getting Clarity About CRT (Critical Race Theory)
Joel Shaffer, Urban Transformation Ministries
CRT has become the “ground zero” of our nation’s culture war. This workshop evaluates CRT and other racial ideologies/analytical tools through the grid of the Biblical Metanarrative. It will share practical ways that Christians can love their neighbors (that see racial issues differently) and become salt and light in their communities. 

Room 56 – Genesis: The Key to Abundant Living
Bob Gillespie, Reasons for Hope
There are too many Christians struggling with sin, just holding on until Jesus comes. Jesus said He came not only to give us life, but abundant life. The book of Genesis is the key to understand this often missed aspect of our salvation. When we see the events as described in Genesis as literal and historical, we are able to see how we had everything in Adam, how we lost it all in Satan, and how we gain it all back in Christ.

Room 66 – Don’t Talk: Your Presence Speaks Volumes
Ray Paget, Emmanuel Free Church, Spring Lake
Comforting those who grieve often calls for silence rather than words. The power of presence has the ability to lovingly speak to the heart of the bereaved without saying a single word.


Room 30 – Motivating Your Ministry Team 
Tom Lothamer, Pro-life Ministry Consultant, Beautiful Feet International
We will examine four key principles that will boost morale and improve the ministry! 


Room 31/33 – Unseduced and Unshaken: Mindful or Mindless: A Theology of Leisure and Technology
Rosalie de Rosset, Moody Bible Institute
It matters to God what you do with the technological devices you choose to be part of your life, how you use them, when you use them, and how much they get in the way of relationship with Him and others. It also matters what you choose to do with the time you call our own because that may affect you more than what you do purposefully. Everything belongs to God. We cannot drift into the patterns of the culture or we may end up being drifters. This seminar will provide a way to think about technology and leisure theologically.

Room 34 – Stuck in a Rut of Anxiety?
Darlene Larson, Hearts With a Purpose
The world turns darker. Tension. COVID. Politics. Family. Anxiety crisscrosses over the heart! Fear of not enough food, not enough money, not enough gas. How do you pull the plug to stop the drain from your mental peace? Learn to grow deep roots to stand firm.


Room 64 – How To Strengthen and Restore Marriages in Your Church
Don Smith, Bridge To Life Ministries
Do you wonder why many couples seem to just exist together or drift apart? Why do some couples give up on their marriages? During this session we will examine how you can help couples look below the surface of their relationships and get to the core of their issues. We will see how the baggage they bring into their marriage hinders their ability to meet each other’s needs. Couples can learn how to help each other rather than hurt each other.


Room 50 – Small Group Life Cycle: Leading Well Through Each Stage
Jake Oswald, Ada Bible Church 
All small groups tend to go through a similar life cycle. Some groups experience the major stages in a year, others in ten years. In this breakout, we will talk about these major stages and how to lead well in each of them.

Room 58 – Ministry & Programming for Single Adults
Kelly Fath, West Cannon Baptist Church
Single adults are often the overlooked families in many churches. Seek to better understand their multi-faceted contexts and consider ways your church might minister more effectively to/with them.

Room 119 – Making the Bible Come Alive: The Art of Acting Out the Bible
Daniel and Amanda Bowman, Berlin Baptist Church
This seminar will help teachers and preachers use the Bible as the living word. We will show how to have your class act out stories in the Bible to pique their interest and improve their memory, as well as how to use drama for sermons. We will practice sanctified imagination, discuss how to find sources to give realistic details to stories, present ideas on keeping props simple, and help with memory techniques to make the process simple.


Room 122 – Involving the Senses
Mary Lou Heyboer, Bible Club Ministries
The importance of getting your students involved in Bible teaching by creatively using their senses.

Room 124 – Conflict & Conversation
Danielle Vaughn, Highland Hills Baptist Church
Have to step into some challenging conversations? Resolving conflict with parents or other ministry partners? Come to hear tips on how to approach these situations with confidence.


Room 126 – Mentoring to Ministry: Training Young Disciple Makers
Jacob Kirkwood, Faith Baptist Bible College and Seminary
This workshop will take a practical look at the process of developing students to be biblically astute, godly ministry leaders. The basis for the study is Paul’s instruction to Timothy and is supplemented by my personal experience in Christian education. 

Room 128 – Models and Methods of Youth Ministry: Organizing for Opportunities
Jim Dekker, Cornerstone University
In a world where young people’s lives are fragmented and disorganized, we will discover how ministry models and methods open doorways for ministry opportunities.

Room 129 – Is There Student Ministry in the Bible?
Nicholas Melonas, Highland Hills Baptist Church
Many student ministries today compromise on biblical fundamentals to reach a new generation of students. But what does the Bible say about student ministry? What biblical principles should a leader follow as a philosophy of youth ministry? How does that practically work in the context of the local church?