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Room 38 – Science Confirms the Bible
Bob Gillespie, Reasons for Hope
Science confirms the Bible. This workshop will show how real observational science is not against the Bible but actually confirms what God said in Genesis.

Room 54 – Is Separation of Church and State Biblical?
Ray Paget, Emmanuel Free Church
Most of us think “separation of church and state” is as American as apple pie. But is it a biblical concept, and how should the church effectively relate to secular government?



Room 34 – How to Build Deep Long-Term Cross-Cultural Relationships for the Sake of the Gospel
Joel Shaffer & Davien Fizer, Urban Transformation Ministries
As America becomes more diverse, it has become more divided; not only racially/ethnically, but also politically, socio-economically, and religiously. We will share stories and basic principles tried by fire of how to develop and maintain deep cross-cultural relationships. These relationships have led to multiple evangelism opportunities with unbelievers and is overcoming racial, ethnic, political, socio-economic barriers with fellow believers leading to deep unity in Christ without creating a false uniformity. 

Room 31/33 – Mentoring
Nate Wagner, Sparta Baptist Church
One of the most basic and highly intimidating responsibilities of any leader is to reproduce yourself in the life of another. Because the how’s are prone to overshadow the why, this crucial element of leadership and the Christian life often goes overlooked. What if it was less about a program and materials and more about utilizing healthy frameworks for growth? What if you are more ready than you realize to take on this incredible challenge and privilege?


Room 52 – Pastors and Church Boards – How to Have Greater Trust and Unity
Tim Hoyt, Magnify Church
There often seems to be a pathology in the relationships between pastors and church boards that hinder ministries from thriving. If there is not open disunity, it may be growing behind the scenes. There is a better way. It’s called Policy Governance, introduced by John Carver in his book, Boards That Make a Difference. Join us for an introduction to the governance model that has helped churches to grow in trust and unity between board and Pastor.

Room 50 – Where Have All the Leaders Gone?
Doug Crawford, West Cannon Baptist Church & Bridge Fellowship (MARBC)
Why are older leaders tired out and younger leaders leaving the church? Strengthening, and even revitalizing, the church of Jesus Christ requires preparing new leaders and making room for them in our ministry. How can we make leadership development a part of our ministry DNA?


Room 58 – Public Schools: The Secret Mission Field
Keith Buffinga, MI Bible Clubs
Christians often lament how they wish the Bible were taught in public school, when in reality public school education CAN include the Bible. In this session you will learn about the legality of Released Time Classes and After-School Clubs from organizations that can help provide the techniques, materials and support structure to get a Bible Club started in your local public or charter School. Together let’s reach the unreached in our public schools.

Room 56 – Developing and Assessing Your Missions Program
Kelly Fath, West Cannon Baptist Church
Whether you’re launching, refreshing, or simply evaluating your church’s missions program, we’ll discuss various strategies, philosophies, priorities, and activities that may enhance your church’s global (and local) outreach.


Room 122 – Practical Partnering With Kids and Parents as They Navigate the Public Library
Kristin Wynalda, Big Books, Little Ears
Can you judge a book by its cover? Should you?? It’s no secret that no topic is off limits in kid’s books today. In this workshop we’ll discuss current trends in publishing, and review important terms so you know what it means when you hear that a student left a stack of YA graphic novels in the back of the church bus. Next, we’ll explore easy ways to talk about books and media with students and their parents so that they feel equipped to be discerning. Finally, I’ll share specific titles (both secular and faith based) that students in your life will enjoy, so you’re armed with recommendations.

Room 124 – Effective Teaching Techniques
Ralph Marrena, Regular Baptist Press
Being an effective teacher requires being a ready learner. Come and learn new techniques and tips for lesson preparation and teaching children.

Room 126 – Teach Them to Remember!
Rochelle Visser, Camp Michawana & Trinity Baptist Church
Can you remember what your third grade teacher told you in 1994 about the 7th commandment? How about what Yankee Doodle called his feather after he put it in his cap? Camp Michawana sees campers remembering FULL passages of the Bible that they’ve learned 3, 5, and even 10 years prior by using Sword Jams scripture memory and Blast Through The Bible motions. Learn strategies to put Bible verses, key facts, the Gospel, and even the Genealogies in ways that will stick with your students for life.

Room 128 – In the Beginning and Once Upon a Time
Brynn Arendt, Magnify Church
We are a storied people. We are created by a storytelling God and from the earliest of our days we long to connect with meaningful stories. In particular, children have the ability to grab a hold of good stories in emotional and sensational ways. This workshop will allow us to consider the relationship between God’s true and lasting story, the earth, our bodies and other fictional stories. Come prepared to share your favorite story as a child.


Room 129 – What’s Up with Teen Identity?
Dan Schellenberg, Forest Hills Baptist Church
Identity is a prominent topic in our society these days. “Identity formation” has been described as the chief psychological task of adolescence. How does our culture’s changing notions of identity affect teens today? How are teens conceptualizing identity in new ways? What is the new language of identity? What resources does our faith provide to ground a sense of identity? How can we talk with teens about these issues?


Room 64 – When We Gather, We Grow: Planning Worship Services for Disciples
Chad Vitarelli, Bella Vista Church
What if we planned our worship services so that our people would actually grow in Christ? This recent doctoral research study identified 20 worship leaders from all over the country who see the convergence between corporate worship and Christian discipleship, and plan their gatherings accordingly. Along with the findings of the study, we’ll present a planning matrix, developed as a tool for planning worship services for spiritual growth.


Room 30 – The ABC’s for Women Friendships
Darlene Larson, Hearts with a Purpose
Connecting and caring as women is like holding your friend’s heart in your hand. Learn how to protect her heart and yours with common sense girlfriend care from A-Z.

Room 32 – Feeding YOUR Soul
Gail Ramesh & Linda Ploeg, Magnify Church
Strategies to help women in leadership to maneuver life beautifully when it’s easy, hard and everything in between.


Room 66 – Three Roadblocks to Understanding Masculinity
Jason Hsieh, Trinity Baptist Church
Views of masculinity can change with succeeding generations and cultures. But sometimes, the church is no better when we allow our preferences to be the core of how we understand masculinity. This workshop will highlight three roadblocks to understanding masculinity in a more Christ-centered, biblical way. Implications for ministry to men, singles, couples, and leadership development will be covered.