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Room 31/33 – The Bible and Homosexuality
Nate Archer, First Baptist Church, Middleville
We can no longer assume that the people in our churches have a biblical view of homosexual relationships. Christian workers need to be equipped to respond to revisionist arguments that claim the Bible approves of homosexuality.

Room 64 – Special Needs in Ministry
Melissa Byrd, Berlin Baptist Church
There are all sorts of disabilities and it is vital to know what the Bible says about how we should treat people with disabilities and their families. I will offer advice on how to teach and respond to possible behaviors from trauma and/or a student who has a disability in our children’s/ youth programs. Each attendee will also get a glimpse into what it might feel like to have a disability by participating in a couple interactive activities.

Room 52 – Questions You Should Be Asking About Politics and Policies
Jason Hsieh, Trinity Baptist Church
Social media and the 24-hour news cycle means many in your church (perhaps yourself included!) can be inundated with political news and opinion. Whether such intake is wise and God-glorifying depends on whether or not you’re asking yourself and those you minister to some critical questions. This workshop will highlight questions to ask to help you steward your intake of politics and protect and promote your witness for the Gospel. The workshop speaker worked in various political and governmental agencies for over a decade in Washington, DC and now serves as a pastor of discipleship and counseling in Grand Rapids.

Room 32 – Church & Parachurch: Friends or Foes?
David Rodgers & Rochelle Visser, Trinity Baptist Church
Are churches and parachurches friends or foes? The answer is “yes.”  Healthy churches and parachurches can bring glory to God. Unhealthy churches and/or unhealthy parachurch organizations can cause many different problems. We will be talking about how parachurches can come alongside church to help with the work of the ministry. This workshop is designed for those in both church and parachurch ministries.

Room 118 – Biblical Foundations for Sabbaticals
Sean Nemecek, PIR Ministries
We will explore the biblical principles for sabbatical and why sabbatical are good for both your church and your pastor.


Room 34 – Leading Meaningful Small Group Conversations
Jake Oswald, Ada Bible Church
Small groups can be a great place for meaningful conversations and spiritual growth. We are going to talk about what we can do as leaders to help open the door for meaningful conversation and spiritual growth.

Room 38 – Thinking (Differently) about Singleness in the Church
Kelly Fath, West Cannon Baptist Church
Single adults are a fast-growing demographic in both society and the church. Yet in our ministries they are often misunderstood, overlooked, and/or unengaged. We’ll look at singleness from various angles — including theological, historical, cultural and worldview — in order to foster greater understanding, to improve communication, and to suggest ways your church family might minister more effectively to/with single adults.

Room 50 – Discipleship as a Spiritual Discipline
Andrew Bolkcom, First Baptist Church, Lowell
We need other Christians if we are to become more like Jesus. And other Christians need us if they are to become more like Jesus. This is the essence of discipleship. And yet it seems many Christians do not have a specific, long-term plan for investing in the spiritual growth of other Christians. This workshop will explore the basic dynamics of a discipleship relationship and then explain how to make this central command of Jesus a regular, long-term part of your Christian life. We will find that this is a primary way in which God grows us even as we invest in other people.


Room 54 – Multiplying Healthy Spiritual Leaders
Jim Jeffery, Chapel Pointe Church
The health of the church and advancement of the gospel requires multiplying spiritual leaders. We will examine the “roots and fruits” of leaders who are able to lead teams, churches and ministries for Christ.


Room 58 – Making Connections through ESL Ministries
Michael & Monica Pasquale, Cornerstone University & EveryEthne (ABWE)
This workshop covers how to develop an effective ESL ministry in your local church. It will introduce key principles of language learning and teaching and apply those principles to practical ESL contexts. Curricula and ESL resources will be examined.


Room 122 – Reaching Your Community Through Sports
Chris Minor, Oakfield Baptist Church
Learn how to build a successful sports ministry that reaches unchurched families. Oakfield Baptist Sports started in 2014 and has impacted the lives of hundreds of families in our community. A church of about seventy people has one of the fastest growing sports leagues in the area. They are doing it with Bible lessons, Scripture memorization, gospel presentations, and coaches dedicated to seeing children and families know Christ. Learn how to have an independent self-sustaining budget, scheduling that families love, finding the right volunteers, and an impact that goes beyond the court and field.

Room 124 – Teaching Children to Pray
Becki Watson, Wyoming Park Bible Fellowship
A vibrant prayer life is essential to every believer’s walk with Christ. This workshop will discuss practical ideas for encouraging the development of this important and challenging spiritual discipline in the lives of kids: whether at home or in the church context. 

Room 126 – Teaching with Intentionality
Melissa Kent, West Cannon Baptist Church
Teaching stories from the Bible are an important part of a lesson, but there is so much more to teach children than just the plot, setting, and characters of the story. Learn how to set the foundation for sharing the truths found in the Bible and seeing God’s plan of redemption in every story. Explore how to reach children with diverse learning styles and keep your students engaged during the lesson.


Room 128 – Out of Bounds
Jory Trim, Trinity Baptist Church
Ministering to teens can get messy in a hurry. Establishing and maintaining healthy boundaries not only protects mentors and mentees but also makes sure we are in a position to continue ministering to teens in their times of need. In this seminar, we will explore healthy boundaries for mentor-mentee relationships and the wisdom of accountability.

Room 129 – Understanding Gen Z and Discipleship
Matt Wallace, Cornerstone University/Friendship Sports International
Using current research data from Our Daily Bread and the Barna Group and others, this workshop will discuss effective ways to engage in discipleship with young adults labeled Gen Z or late millennials. The goal will be to understand some generational trends, how they view church, the Bible and faith and how to use this information to be more effective with the Gospel and discipleship.


Room 30 – Church Health: Removing the Fear of Church Discipline
Andy Molyneux, First Baptist Church, Mt. Pleasant
Following through with church discipline can be a scary thing. This fear often results from bad experiences in the past and misunderstandings. In this workshop, we will look into God’s Word to refine our methods and our motives in order to strengthen the health of our local churches.

Room 56 – Betrayal Trauma: The Invisible Wound
David Uitdeflesch & Alaina Smith, Centennial Park Counseling & Mariposa Counseling Services
This workshop is focused on the needs of those who love men who have sexually compulsive behaviors. We will discuss the impact it has on their lives and mental health.  Participants will learn about the pain these women experience and suggest resources for healing. How do we help women who often silently live with feelings of shame and sometimes betrayal trauma that goes deep into their core selves?


Room 66 – How to Plan a Worship Service
Nathan Vaughn, Highland Hills Baptist Church
This workshop will cover how to plan a worship service, from matching a sermon series to creating continuity where there is seemingly none. We will also discuss how to choose appropriate music and Scripture to create a meaningful time of congregational worship.