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Room 54 – When the Bottom Drops Out: Disappointments. Discouragement. Deaths.
Darlene Larson, Hearts With a Purpose
Loss and grief come in all sizes and packages. And COVID19 dumped a semi load of changes into each family’s life. Step into this workshop and explore if you have grieved any loss, disappointments, and/or changes or to discern if you are stuck. Take a Grief-Loss Inventory and then, if need be, step through the valley of loss.

Room 64 – Crucial Dialogue
Andrew Bauer, Magnify Church
How we handle crucial dialogue moments when there are opposing opinions about high stakes issues and emotions run strong is vital to church and relational health. At this workshop we will learn how to navigate our hearts, how to share our perspectives in a way that builds safety, how to listen to another person so that vulnerability is possible and how to move forward with greater trust and a clearer purpose. 

Room 119 – Transformational Storytelling in Small Groups
Tim Jackson, Still Waters Counseling & Equipping Ministries, P.C.
Life is a journey meant to be shared. Everyone has a story. Learn how to more effectively encourage others to share their stories for maximum growth and redemptive impact.


Room 32 – Creating a Culture of Ministry Health
Roy Yanke, PIR Ministries
Based on over 25 years of experience in caring for ministry leaders, this workshop experience is designed to provide helpful insights that will assist church leadership in creating that elusive goal of a culture that fosters ministry health. The issues and challenges that are unique to both pastors and lay leaders will be addressed.


Room 30 – The Importance of Knowing your Story
Matt Kenny, Crossroads Bible Church
Each man weathers the hard knocks of life a little differently. At times, we all feel a degree of loneliness, and we all battle with questions of failure and the fear that we are not enough. In ministry, this often leads us to disillusionment, manipulation, and despair as we try to prop ourselves up and just get the job done. We will talk about the importance of exploring and understanding how your story has impacted your life and relationships, and how knowing your story can help you avoid some of the pitfalls that derail ministry opportunities and take you out of the game.


Room 31/33 – Distracted or Dignified: From Ghostly to Solid
Rosalie de Rosset, Moody Bible Institute
It takes so much strength to be unseduced by the culture. How easily women can assume impoverished views of womanhood as beauty and desirability are emphasized above their God-given minds and creativity, leading them to become divided and distracted selves, swapping their pursuit for God for tamer, lesser loves. This seminar is a definition and examination of the importance of dignity in every life, a quality that leads a woman to be intentional in her choices.

Room 50 – Building an Effective Women’s Bible Study Ministry
Lisa Heim, Magnify Church
Helping women to connect, grow and serve through studying God’s Word is a vital part of any Women’s Ministry. This workshop will offer topics such as how to choose content, how to train facilitators and how to encourage and develop relationships through prayer and honest sharing.


Room 52 – Redeeming Betrayal: (Part 1) The Role of the Church
Scott A Courey, Lighthouse Christian Counseling Center
Your best friend’s husband is addicted to porn; your brother’s wife is cheating on him; your elder is having an emotional affair. What do you say? How do you help? What is your role? Or perhaps you’ve found disturbing texts on your own husband’s phone. What do you do? Where do you turn? Sexual betrayal shatters a marriage and severs it from the community it needs. Overwhelmed family members, close friends, and ministry leaders often respond by oversimplifying, avoiding, or just going numb. Gain clarity and practical solutions on how to offer or find a safe, godly community that leads to lasting recovery and healing.


Room 34 – The Art of Asking Good Questions (Part 1) (Geared for teaching classes, sermons, small groups)
Gary Heim, True North Ministries
God asks us questions—“Adam, where are you?” “Cain, why are you angry? Why is your face downcast?” Jesus asked his disciples, “Who do people say I am?” Learning to ask good questions is essential to disciple making. This breakout will show you how to form good, life-changing questions for small groups, Sunday School classes and sermon application. Learn the art of asking questions that invites people to open their hearts so they can be transformed by truth.

Room 38 – Three Common Mistakes in Discipling Others
Jason Hsieh, Trinity Baptist Church
One to one discipleship can be foundational to a church’s aim of fostering mature believers in Christ. While most of us know (or want to know) the “right” ways to go about it, being aware of common mistakes can be just as important. This workshop will briefly cover the role one to one discipleship has in the life of a church and will focus on ways we can steer away from three common mistakes in discipling others. What are those common mistakes? You will have to come to find out!


Room 58 – Caring for Your Missionary Family
Kelly & Sherri Fath, West Cannon Baptist Church
How do your sent/supported missionaries feel connected to and cared for by your church? What do they want you to understand about their lives that may shape how you respond to them? We will share–and brainstorm together–practical ways to help and encourage them and meet their needs.


Room 56 – Enhance Don’t Distract
Justin Edmonds, EM Technologies
Technology is great! We use it everywhere for almost everything but we need to make sure we use it in the correct way. We should be enhancing our services and our mission and not distracting. This means we need to have vision cast and educated staff and volunteers to ensure we are enhancing our service and mission rather than distracting from it.


Room 66 – How to be a Gift: Dad, the Forgotten Treasure
Chris Weeks, Kent City Baptist Church
The role of father has been devalued and almost lost and forgotten in the last 30 years both in the our society and even the Church; and yet God has given us the role of a dad to bless both the family and the world. We need to reclaim the wonder of male leadership in the home without demanding, commanding, and complaining. In this session the Church will be encouraged to lovingly win back the ground we have lost and be given tools to help boys become men that glorify God.

Room 122 – Introducing Children to Missions
Sara Tibbe, Calvary Church
In this workshop, learn some practical ways you can help children develop a heart for how God is at work around the world. Attendees will hear about ways to weave missions into their ministries using the framework: Prepare, Play, Pray.

Room 126 – What IS the Gospel? Understanding and Sharing the Gospel as a Kidmin Teacher
Kandi Zeller, Youth Devotional Editor and Freelance Speaker
Do you ever struggle to put the gospel into words–especially when you are teaching kids? In this workshop, we will discuss the central truths of the gospel, how to find the gospel in challenging Bible passages, and great resources to integrate the gospel into your lessons and your life!


Room 128 – Fostering Resilience for a Strong Church Community
Dr. Jim Dekker, Cornerstone University
Resilience is a popular word these days. We will unpack the term, name its biblical factors and consider ways we can weave Romans 5:1-5 into our ministries so that our youth may have strength to face the challenges in our world today.

Room 129 – Top 10 Lessons Learned in 30+ Years of Youth Ministry
John Nixon, North Park Baptist Church
John has served more than 30 years in youth ministry and he has lived to tell about it! In this humorous and heart-felt session, he will unveil some of the biggest lessons he has learned in the trenches and share some tips to help you benefit from his successes and failures (which are plenty)!