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Room 38 – Three Questions to Ask to Steward a Difficult Past
Jason Hsieh, Trinity Baptist Church
Since we live in a fallen world, there is a chance you or someone you disciple has experienced a deeply painful or impactful past that needs gentle shepherding. This workshop offers ways we can biblically process and steward our difficult pasts and poses three questions to provide a framework for walking alongside others. 

Room 54 – Abuse Grows Daily as Entitlement Wedges Into Our Society
Darlene Larson – Hearts With a Purpose
Toxic Community. Toxic Homes. Toxic Parents. Toxic Children. And into the church it goes and grows. Why put someone in leadership, on the board, in a teaching role, or worship ministry when they are all about power and control? Abusers slaughter hearts. Learn 30 warning signs that a person may not be the safest to be near your heart, ministry, or church.

Room 64 – Crucial Dialogue
Andrew Bauer, Magnify Church
How we handle crucial dialogue moments when there are opposing opinions about high stakes issues and emotions run strong is vital to church and relational health. At this workshop we will learn how to navigate our hearts, how to share our perspectives in a way that builds safety, how to listen to another person so that vulnerability is possible and how to move forward with greater trust and a clearer purpose. 


Room 32 – Leader, Know Thyself!
Roy Yanke, PIR Ministries
Understanding the importance of growing in self-awareness can help build ministry resilience. This workshop will provide foundational principles that will guide the pastor or ministry leader on the journey of greater self-awareness.


Room 30 – Fostering Vulnerability in your Men’s Group
Matt Kenny, Crossroads Bible Church
Churches often market the type of community that is deep and meaningful and vastly underdeliver. This workshop is built on the understanding that you cannot just program this type of community in your men’s ministry, but that you can develop leaders who foster the kind of group environments that encourage men toward vulnerability. When men feel safe to engage and share, groups begin to deepen and true community emerges.

Room 119 – Using Film to Address Men’s Struggles
Tim Jackson, Still Waters Counseling & Equipping Ministries
Men struggle and we do not talk about it easily. We are guarded and often alone. Learn how to effectively use films to break down men’s walls and pave the way to access their heartfelt stories and shared struggles.


Room 31/33 – Unseduced and Unshaken: Mindful or Mindless: A Theology of Leisure and Technology
Rosalie de Rosset, Moody Bible Institute
It matters to God what you do with the technological devices you choose to be part of your life, how you use them, when you use them, and how much they get in the way of relationship with Him and others.  It also matters what you choose to do with the time you call your own because that may affect you more than what you do purposefully. Everything belongs to God. We cannot drift into the patterns of the culture or we may end up being drifters. This seminar will provide a way to think about technology and leisure theologically.

Room 50 – Ministering to Women in Difficult Relationships
Lisa Heim, True North Ministries
Relationships are often the greatest source of pain for a woman. What do you do when a woman confides that she is struggling in a relationship? How can you best offer support? What sort of direction does she need? What doesn’t she need? This workshop will cover the basics in offering soul-care to a woman in need.


Room 52 – Redeeming Betrayal: (Part 2) A Reliable Map for Marriage Betrayal Recovery
Scott A Courey, MSW, LMSW Lighthouse Christian Counseling Center, LLC
Accountability for porn or ending the affair does not heal a marriage. Navigating the fallout of sexual betrayal is a treacherous, confusing, exhausting and often leads to either numb coexistence or complete collapse. How does true recovery and deep Christ-centered renewal work? This session provides a clear and practical map for tracking three overlapping journeys: healing for the betrayed spouse, healing for the betraying spouse, and healing for their relationship.


Room 34 – Learn the Art of Asking Good Questions (Part 2)
Gary Heim, True North Ministries
God asks questions—“Adam, where are you?” “Cain, why are you angry? Why is your face downcast?” Jesus asked his disciples, “Who do people say I am?” Learn to ask good questions to get to the real issues in a person’s heart. This breakout will focus on forming good questions for one to one conversations in the context of discipleship. 


Room 58 – Developing and/or Assessing Your Missions Program
Kelly Fath, West Cannon Baptist Church
Whether you’re launching, re-launching, or simply evaluating your church’s missions program, we will discuss various strategies, philosophies, priorities, and activities that may enhance your church’s global (and local) outreach.


Room 56 – Church Online: Social and Live Streaming
Justin Edmonds, EM Technologies
Live streaming has become a must since 2020. So what are the next steps? What should our online presence look like and how do we do it? Online is the next step for every church and ministry as we move further into the future. 


Room 66 – How to be a Gift: Dad, the Forgotten Treasure
Chris Weeks, Kent City Baptist Church
The role of father has been devalued and almost lost and forgotten in the last 30 years both in the our society and even the Church; and yet God has given us the role of a dad to bless both the family and the world. We need to reclaim the wonder of male leadership in the home without demanding, commanding, and complaining. In this session the Church will be encouraged to lovingly win back the ground we have lost and be given tools to help boys become men that glorify God.

Room 122 – Teaching for Response
Mary Lou Heyboer, Bible Club Ministries
Does your lesson lead students to respond to Biblical truth? We will look at how to use your lesson to focus on one Biblical truth and challenge your students to respond with obedience to God.

Room 126 – Guiding a Child to the Savior: Counseling the Unsaved Child for Salvation
Anna Sytsma, Child Evangelism Fellowship
Let’s say you just finished giving a clear presentation of the Gospel in a ministry setting and an invitation to believe in Christ was given. Now what? In this session you will learn how to determine the child’s understanding and readiness to receive the Lord Jesus using a series of thought-provoking questions. At the end of this session, you will be given tools and will be ready to counsel a child to salvation.


Room 124 – Shepherding the Heart of a Teen (The Role of the Shepherd)
Ken Riley, Lake Ann Camp
This seminar seeks to explain the transition in parenting styles when a child is growing beyond the elementary level and emerging into a young adult. It recognizes that the goal of parenting is not to raise children but rather adults who choose to love God and contribute to society.

Room 128 – Fostering Resilience in the Home
Dr. Jim Dekker, Cornerstone University
Resilience is one of those things we as parents want for our kids in these turbulent times. In this workshop, we will unpack what the term means and how it can particularly inform family life for the strength of all.

Room 129 – Cultivating Curiosity About the Bible
Ben Puckett, Ada Bible Church
Teaching middle and high school students about Jesus and the Bible is incredibly difficult. Students are curious. As their spiritual leaders we need to know how to fan the flame of their curiosity, and there are a variety of creative ways to do this. We have a message students need to hear and it is paramount that we share it strategically, carefully, and courageously.